Happy Independence Day Nigeria! 60 and Together


Today we celebrate another year of independence, strength, courage, and most of all togetherness. We are grateful to remember our activists who fought for a generation they might never see, freedom fighters who fought for brother not connected by blood, icons who saw a future of great possibilities, legends who believed in oneness despite our tribes and languages, veterans who preached and practiced love.

As we mark Nigeria at 60 today, we are reminded to take pride in the country’s rich heritage, we are reminded of our patriotic duty to be faithful, loyal, and honest, we are reminded to serve Nigeria with all our strength, to defend her unity, and to uphold her honor and her glory. We are also reminded not to be consumed by petty differences but to be united in a common interest; to build a better nation.

Let us raise our flags to celebrate our motherland, Nigeria. Happy Independence Day Nigeria from all of us at Bruvschess Media.


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