China Wins 7 medals in the Just-Completed 2019 FIDE World Cadet Chess Championship


The 2019 FIDE World Cadet Chess Championship finished in Weifang International Leisure Sports Town, Shandong Province. China hosted this championship for the first time in its history. More than 580 boys and girls from 55 federations competed in under 8, 10 and 12 years old age categories (girls and open to all). After 12 days and 11 rounds of competition, all 18 medals were awarded to the best youngsters in each group.

China won 7 medals, including a clean sweep in the Girls Under 8. The USA got 4 medals, with 2 gold. Russian kids took home 3 medals, but all of them are gold! Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Mongolia also can boast of winning championship medals.

The closing ceremony of the World Chess Youth Championship, held at the International Art Exhibition Center of Qilu Winery, was attended by Mr. Ye Jiangchuan, Vice Director of Board and Card Games Center of General Administration of Sports of China, Mikhail Kobalia, Director of Youth World Chess Federation, Laurent Freyd, Chief Arbiter of this Championship, Li Ping, Vice Mayor of Weifang Municipal Government, Ms. Tian Hongwei Director of Board and Card Games Center of General Administration of Sports of China, many other leaders and guests, as well as more than 200 participants, award-winning chess players and their parents.

Mr. Ye Jiangchuan spoke highly of the preparation and organization of the contest: “Tight organization, smooth competition, thoughtful service, ensure safety.“ In his speech, he mentioned in particular that, a cultural fair was held during the competition, exhibiting Weifang’s local characteristics, carrying forward China’s traditional culture, promoting friendship and exchanges among countries around the world.

Mikhail Kobalia, Director of Youth World Chess Federation also complimented the host country, organizers and arbiters: “I am very glad that for the first time in the history World Cadet Championship was held in one of the most mysterious and amazing countries in the world – China. And as a member of the Appeal Committee, I have to note that for the entire tournament not a single protest was filed, which indicates the high professionalism of the arbiters.”

Final standings:

Under 8 – Open:

1. Lebedev Artem S. RU – 9/11

2. Tulendinov Dinmukhammed KZ – 9/11

3. Dau Khuong Duy VN – 8,5/11

Under 8 – Girls:

1. Yuan Zhilin CN – 9/11

2. Wang Qinxuanyi CN – 8,5/11

3. Gao Muziyan CN – 8/11

Under 10 – Open:

1. Vetokhin Savva – RU – 9/11

2. Meng Yihan CN – 8,5/11

3. Wei Jianzhou CN – 8,5/11

Under 10 – Girls:

1. Lee Alice US – 10/11

2. Chen Yining CN – 10/11

3. Li Rachael US – 8/11

Under 12 – Open:

1. Zhou Liran US – 9,5/11

2. Chen Yuan CN – 9/11

3. Ochirbat Lkhagvajamts MN – 8/11

Under 12 – Girls:

1. Mikheeva Galina RU – 9,5/11

2. Nurmanova Alua KZ – 9,5/11

3. Yan Ruiyang US – 9/11



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