Chess Development: Queen’s Gambit Chess Club and Ogbonge Chess Empowerment Initiatives Join Forces


It is exciting that the community of chess is advancing and developing as a chess club named Queen’s Gambit (QGCC) recently formed partnership with Ogbonge Chess Empowerment Initiatives. Together, they are embarking on a significant project set to launch soon, signifying the growth and joint integration within the chess community.

The Queen’s Gambit Chess Club founded by Mr Oluwole, is on a mission to train students from both public and private secondary schools in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria and their focus is on imparting chess skills through training sessions and organising tournaments, providing a platform for students to showcase their newfound abilities and skills.

A picture of the trained children who participated in the past ChessHeights tournament held at Olukayode Stadium, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. Photo: Queen’s Gambit Chess

The Ogbonge Chess Empowerment Initiatives, founded by Mr Dada Philip, is also dedicated to empowering women in the community who are currently unemployed. Their innovative approach involves crafting locally made chess sets using waste plastic materials. This initiative not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also uncovers hidden talents and potentials within the community. The collaboration between these two entities promises a blend of education, empowerment, and sustainability, promoting a positive impact on the local community.

A picture of the locally made chess set made with recycled plastic materials Photo: Ogbonge Chess Initiatives
Mr Dada Philip, C.E.O of Ogbonge Chess Initiatives with the locally crafted chess set. Photo: Ogbonge Chess

We are excited about the ongoing progress in the chess community. As Queen’s Gambit Chess Club and Ogbonge Chess Empowerment Initiatives work together, we anticipate more positive changes. We are eager to see how their upcoming project unfolds, and we hope it brings further growth, education, and empowerment to the chess community and beyond.


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