BruvsChess Media Wishes you a Happy International Chess Day


    Today is International Chess Day! It is that time of the year that has been set aside to celebrate the game of chess.

    International Chess Day is celebrated on the 20th of July every year to honor the day the  International Chess Federation was founded in 1924. It has been celebrated as such since 1966.

    The history of Chess can be traced back nearly 1500 years and it has developed over the years since then. it has passed through ages, times, wars, and has evolved with the world till this day. Beyond the history of chess, it has come to mean different things to different people.

    Chess is everything: art, science, and sport.  


    This day is dedicated to celebrating the game of chess and everything it has come to mean to chess lovers and enthusiasts. Today, we celebrate every chess organization for keeping chess alive. We celebrate every chess clubs and coaches for passing on chess knowledge. We celebrate every arbiter for ensuring the rules and laws of chess are adhered to. We celebrate every chess player and titled chess players for sharing their incredible talents for the world to see. We celebrate all chess enthusiasts and sponsors for their support and kind gestures, and most of all, we celebrate everybody out there selflessly raising the awareness of chess.

    Today, we celebrate our passion, our hobby, our obsession, our leisure activity, our art, our distraction, our entertainment, and above all, our game.

    BruvsChess Media wishes you all a Happy International Chess Day Celebration!!!!

    We love the game of chess, and we won’t stop playing.

    What do you love most about chess? Drop in the comment section below.


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