An Inspiring Story of Rani Hamid, the 74 Year Old Legendary Chess Figure


At every point in our lives, we all have that period where we feel low and want to quit a tournament. A classic example to keep you going is the case of Rani Hamid, the 74-year-old from Bangladesh who went to play at the 2019 Asian Championships.

She began with a loss, and then another. The losses kept coming and by the time the event ended she was on 0.0/9. The most amazing part in all of this is how Rani Hamid withstood the fire. She did not quit the event. She played each and every game and tried to give her best. At an age where people hang up their boots and give up on every life activity, Rani Hamid is trying her best to keep the Bangladeshi flag flying high.

Whenever the thought of giving up crosses your mind, think of Rani Hamid. Kudos to this legendary chess figure! 

source: Chessbase India


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