African Chess Champions: The Recap of the African Chess Championship 2024

GM Bassem Amin and WIM Jesse February Nikki. Photo: EuropeEchecs

The 2024 African Individual Chess Championship recently concluded on the 20th of March, 2024 with significant wins from history that left a lasting impact on the chess world. The Egyptian chess grandmaster, GM Bassem Amin made history at the championship held in Accra, Ghana by securing his 7th championship title, winning the Open Section of the championship. GM Bassem is Africa’s Number One chess player and the only player to ever cross the 2700+ rating barrier from Africa. His victory marked Egypt’s 15th championship win and their 8th consecutive title in a row. His journey to victory included impressive wins over strong opponents like Angola’s David Silva, earning him 7.5 points and sealing the championship title with a round to spare. GM Bassem Amin faced off against IM Andrew Kayonde from Zambia, emerging victorious despite the tough competition.

GM Bilel Bellahcene from Algeria wins the Silver award, securing the second position with 7 points after GM Bassem Amin, while Mwali Chitumbo from Zambia clinches the 3rd position in the Open Section of the games with 6.5 points.

In the Women’s Section of the African Individual Chess Championship, South Africa’s WIM Jesse Nikki February’s determination led to her victory, becoming the first South African female to achieve this feat twice in the final round despite the shockwave caused by Nigeria’s Chess Prodigy, Deborah Quickpen in the 7th round.

WIM Jesse February’s remarkable performance echoed the successes of past champions like WGM Melissa Greeff and GM Kenneth Solomon. Her victory also marked a victory for Zone 4.5 in Southern Africa, establishing herself as a strong presence in African chess. WIM Jesse Nikki February only needed a draw against Lidet Abate Haile from Ethiopia to secure the championship title, but it proved to be a challenging endeavor but facing a difficult position during the game, the South African managed to salvage a draw, ultimately clinching the gold medal with an impressive score of 7.5 out of 9 points in the championship.

WIM Nassr Lina of Algeria who scored a crucial victory over Peninah Nakabo of Uganda in Round 8 secured the second position and a silver award of the 18th African Individual Chess Championship with 6.5 points in the Women Category while WGM Wafa Shahenda of Egypt secured the 3rd position in the Women Category in the African Individual Chess Championship also with 6.5 points.

To mention the Nigerian Young Chess Prodigy, Deborah Quickpen who proved her brilliance and skills, putting an end to WIM Jesse February‘s streaks and outmaneuvering her in the 7th round, she secured the 4th position in the Championship, facing formidable opponents and showcasing her strength, thereby strengthening her reputation as a strong contender worldwide.

Deborah Quickpen. Photo: Botswana Chess Federation

With these remarkable achievements, WIM Jesse February and GM Bassem Amin have solidified their positions as top players in African chess, inspiring future generations with their exceptional talent and strong sense of purpose on the international stage.

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