A Recap: Chess for Freedom Online Conference and Tournament


The FIDE Chess for Freedom Online Conference was held Yesterday May 11, 2021. It was the first event of the Chess for Freedom program, aimed at the introduction of chess as an educational tool in prisons of different countries. Present at the online event were notable members of the international chess federation community, Federation correctional officers, Bruvchess Media represented by Adesewa Oyewole, and Members of the Press.

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The online conference started at exactly 2:30 pm (WAT) with an opening speech from FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich where he introduced and explained the project “Chess for Freedom”.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich (Photo credit: FIDE.com)

He stated that the game of chess is one of the oldest intellectual games in history and will help people who are restricted in their freedom think more rationally, and improving their social skills. 

He also explained that the program will help people who made mistakes in the past have all possibilities to improve their lifestyle in the future. 

Anatoly Karpov, the driving force behind the project “Chess for Freedom” was introduced to participants of the online conference.

Anatoly Karpov (Photo credit: FIDE.com)

Anatoly Karpov explained that the program started 22 years ago but became international 10 years ago after it was adopted by countries like Brasil, Switzerland, and Belarus. 

In his speech, he stressed the importance of the project, its positive benefits and impart on inmates across the world.

In conjunction with the conference was an exhibition online tournament with four participant countries – Armenia, Russia, Spain, and the USA held on Chess.com Watch the live broadcast of the tournament on the FIDE YouTube channel

Final standings: Chess for Freedom Online Tournament.

1. Russia – 3

2. USA – 2

3. Armenia – ½

4. Spain – ½

(Photo credit: FIDE.com)

The Russian team won all three matches taking 1st position, the USA Team finished 2nd place, winning two matches while Armenia and Spain scored an equal amount of team points. However, Armenia made one more board point.

The event came to an end with an announcement that the First Intercontinental Online Chess Championship for Prisoners will be held on the occasion of International Day of Education in Prison, from 13-14 October 2021.

Related Article: FIDE Chess for Freedom Online Conference Holds May 11, 2021.


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