A New Era in the History of Chess Technology: Tesla Launches the First Ever Chess Playing Car

Picture credit: Tesla

Technology has indeed gone beyond what anyone could have imagined. A glance into the history of chess, you would realize that the idea of a chess-playing machine has been created since the eighteenth century. Although this technology had grown gradually and has continued to develop up until the period when its algorithm could compete against humans. One notable moment in history was the match between Garry Kasparov a Russian chess grandmaster, former world chess champion who was also considered as the greatest chess player of all time and Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer program developed by IBM. It was the first time in history that a chess-playing computer program would win a world champion in a game. This was in 1996.

At this time, this computer could calculate about two million possible chess moves in seconds and then decide the right one. Another match in the history of chess that came close was the bet match against David Levy, a British chess master and Chess 4.7 a chess-playing computer program in 1978. This was a bet made in 1968 by notable artificial intelligence pioneers John McCarthy and Donald Michie that in 10 years, there would be computers that could win humans in chess games. David Levy took the bet and 10 years later he won against Chess 4.7. Although he won the match but made a sincere observation that his opponent (Chess 4.7) was much stronger than he thought possible. This was in 1978, 18 years after Kasparov played against Deep Blue and lost.

It should be noted the essence of these reviews is to show how chess technology has developed over the years. Technology has since gone past what it used to be. Now artificial intelligence program available for chess games are smarter and more advanced. These computer chess algorithms can calculate millions of moves per second, faster than what a human brain can calculate. The chess world has been revolutionized by these machines that so many chess masters all over the globe prefer to train with high tech programs rather than counterparts as it used to be. I bet you thought that you had seen it all with the emergence of advanced chess-playing machines? Well, not yet.

Video credit: Tesla

What would you call a car that can play sixty faster moves than you can! You call it the new era in the chess game. It would interest you to know that Tesla has launched the first-ever chess playing car. This means that all Tesla owners can play chess with their cars. The car can play zero-to-sixty faster than you can make your next move. What is more amusing is that you have the option to play with your car, with other passengers in the car or even watch the car play against itself. As chess lovers, you would have played against a chess-playing machine but never with your car (if you own a tesla). The mere fact that this is possible shows how far technology is going and its influence in chess. This is truly beyond what anyone would have imagined! Which keeps you wondering; what would come next.


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